JYI Hospitality

Imagine not knowing how much your hotel makes. This hotel’s antiquated system obfuscated the property’s financial reality to such an extent, its operator would spend many unsuccessful hours attempting to find financial truth. When ownership had enough, they made a huge move that made an even bigger difference to their bottom line. See what they did now. Continue Reading JYI Hospitality


Cobblestone Hotels Newton, IL

Staff turnover is an expensive ordeal, especially for this small-town hotel with a small employment pool. Its GM realized one main problem was the complicated nature of the property’s PMS, it was driving employees to quit from high frustration levels. However, once the property embraced the cloud, something amazing happened. Learn what happened now. Continue Reading Cobblestone Hotels Newton, IL


Broughton Hotels

Missing out on valuable revenue opportunities, this lifestyle focused hotel management company was unable to keep up with vast number of rate changes required to maximize profitability. So many potential rates, and so many different distribution channels on which to focus! Learn how SkyTouch transformed this company’s rate setting guesswork with an automated and scientific approach yielding higher revenues and more strategic management use. Continue Reading Broughton Hotels


Cobblestone Hotels

Cobblestone was at a serious impasse. A company in growth mode, executive management was hamstrung by a PMS unable to grow along with them. Plus, as new hotels came online, Cobblestone required an easy to learn system to quickly onboard myriad employees who’ve never worked in a hotel before. See how SkyTouch helped empower this small-town chain’s rapid expansion. Continue Reading Cobblestone Hotels

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