Core Challenges

  • Outdated PMS that wasn’t evolving
  • Lack of integration capabilities
  • Need for simplistic management tools

SkyTouch Solution

  • Continuously evolving platform keep’s up with today’s needs
  • The /CONNECT integration platform connects vendors effortlessly
  • Automated rate management alerts optimize real-time guest room rates through set pricing rules


  • Continuous advancements lead to happy franchisees
  • Ability to cater to everyone’s needs and wants year after year as technologies change
  • Improved revenue through the “Best Available Rate” strategy

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    Around for over 60 years, Vagabond Inn is the familiar and trusted lodging brand for West Coast travelers. Inviting ranch style locations provide a comfortable, home-like atmosphere to guests with a friendly staff that treats every customer with the same graciousness you would show in your own home.

    Vagabond Inn

    Vagabond Inn’s promise to deliver comfortable accommodations, affordable prices and old-fashioned, Western hospitality is what led to the tremendous success of the Vagabond Inn Corporation. With the brand expanding quickly and in more locations in the western United States, Vagabond Inn needed a Property Management System (PMS) that was able to keep up with a growing business and a system that would make their franchisees happy.

    “We initially had a system that just grew to be outdated and wasn’t keeping up with the modern technology that is needed to successfully run a property.” “We understood the needs from our franchisees and wanted to deliver something that would make them happy”, explains Kyle Lee, VP of Marketing, Vagabond Inn. The SkyTouch Hotel Operations Platform was an easy choice for the corporation because of its simplistic design, integration capabilities and revenue management tools. Vagabond Inn

    The platform’s intuitive design has made the transition from an older PMS to the current SkyTouch platform incredibly seamless. Franchisees like the platform because it requires minimal training time to get staff up and running while also improving employee turnover. Each franchise is also seeing an increase in revenue with the easy-to-use rate management feature. Lee states, “The most well received feature we hear from all our franchises is the revenue management and BAR calendar tools. Every setting from the calendar, to bar levels, to seasons – you can either keep it as simplistic or as granular as you want.”

    At a corporate level, Vagabond Inn prides itself in being a ‘no-frills’ brand on the West Coast that offers you all the essentials. What sets them apart is keeping things simplistic while also being able to please guests of any age with their outstanding customer service. The SkyTouch Technology Hotel Operations Platform allows staff the time to focus on their guests and cater to what is important – the guest experience. A simplistic platform with automated rate management tools contributes to just that while also maintaining a profitable business.

    When it comes to the future of Vagabond Inn and why they have chosen to stick with SkyTouch year after year, comes down to advanced technology. Lee explains, “We are looking to update our properties with new modernized technology.” “We like to keep that old school nostalgic feel, but it is a must to keep up with today’s technology. Finding a happy medium by elevating some of our functionalities will help modernize the brand without losing its character.” The consistently evolving tech integrations that SkyTouch offers enables the Vagabond Inn franchises to keep up with what is current in today’s market. As technologies evolve, SkyTouch continues to grow and evolve which allows hoteliers and guests to get their needs and wants met.