Project Description

JYI Hospitality is a recognized hotel management company with operations across the southern Gulf Coast states with a proven track record of exceeding expectations.
JYI offers a comprehensive range of services and tools tailor-made to each project to ensure maximum return on investment to its owners and investors. JYI communicates exact steps to all administrative departments to ensure accountability while instructing and mentoring teams to, “Inspect What You Expect”, to ensure all departments move forward correctly on a daily basis.

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    SkyTouch Technology helps JYI Hospitality management company transform two unprofitable properties into successful businesses; in less than two months.

    Core Challenges

    • Zero access to basic PMS functionality
    • Unable to track accurate financial reports
    • Products unable to be seen on major distribution channels

    SkyTouch Solution

    • Cloud-based to allow tracking of each hotels financials anytime, anywhere
    • Automated night audits provide valuable status of the hotel
    • Global distribution allowing more access to potential customers


    • Hotels went from losing money to being profitable in two months
    • Wider spread distribution
    • Training time and costs greatly reduced

    “I always recommend your customer support to anyone in the hotel business. Your dedication to having plenty of staff running the phones, really helps us fix problems and get back to work with great efficiency.” Amanda Rousseau General Manager, Cobblestone Inn & Suites “The system was a very easy install…it went so smooth we said let’s get it in as many properties as fast as we can.” Albert Gosche Corporate Director of Revenue, Broughton Hotels “They make us all feel welcome, where others make you feel incompetent.” Steve Baggett GM, Cobblestone Hotels & Suites, Newton, IL “…they [SkyTouch] are willing to help us integrate all of our interfaces. Technical support is really helpful, and they get things working like they’re supposed to.” Vijay Patel Owner, Millwood Inn & Suites “The support at SkyTouch is what really stood out to me and it makes everything so easy and seamless.” Mark Choe Director of Sales and Marketing, The Pines Resort “The rate and channel manager allow us to be profitable and quickly adjust rates when we need to. Having everything in one window makes it incredibly easy and efficient.” Edwin Cruz General Manager, El San Geronimo Hotel “We have been able to increase occupancy and ADR to produce better revenue because of the features and controls.” Jay Shah General Manager, The Wharf Inn