Valentine’s Day is a great holiday in which to develop some fun romantic packages that boost business. It’s one that naturally leads to couples seeking a hotel stay to reconnect with each other. Plus, for the customer, it’s a great excuse to get out of the house for a couple of days away from the daily distractions of running a family.

Hoteliers have a serious chance to tap into this potential business, as well as other holidays throughout the year. One way to leverage these opportunities anytime of the year is by creating fun and distinct packages that add value for your potential customer, while simultaneously setting you up for the ability to charge premium pricing.

Using a modern cloud based property management system, such as the SkyTouch Hotel OS®, assists you in quickly and confidently creating engaging customer friendly packages. It’s simple, just use the ‘Non-Room Packaging’ option to add customized package components to any guest stay.

Here, hoteliers can easily add which days the package is valid, as well as elements within the package. Take Valentine’s Day, for example.  Simply define the event with perhaps a special room type such as a suite, and then add package elements to it. Perhaps a bottle of champagne, chocolate covered strawberries and maybe some rose petals spread on the bed for heightened romantic appeal. Other ideas for custom package elements include: in-room couple’s massage, aromatherapy bath, welcome cocktails, and ironing or steaming the guest’s clothes so they can look great for a night on the town.

Though the SkyTouch Hotel OS® allows for the hoteliers to push packages out to all the property’s distribution channels at the touch of a button, most choose to provide these types of special packages to only those that book direct. It’s a win-win of saving OTA distribution fees, while also achieving a higher price that would have never been obtained without the package.

Once the event dates have passed or sold out, the system automatically disappears so reservation agents do not sell it accidentally.

There are other great opportunities to create fun, attention and business grabbing packages throughout the year too. There are, of course, the major holidays such as Memorial Day weekend, July 4 and Labor Day, for example, where packages help drive better business, but also think of using some non-typical holidays too.  By pegging a special package to a non-traditional holiday, you’ll get more visibility in front of potential customers while also boosting the chance a local newspaper, or blog, may pick up the item, which will give you free advertising.

Take Friday April 7. That’s National No Housework Day. Perhaps create a fun package for locals that plays on the marketing notion the hotel does the housework for you; while the guest is at the hotel of course. You can add in a no housework themed cocktail and create some ideas around having lounge at the pool, perhaps vacuum shaped cookies.

If you make packages fun, people will come.  That’s the beauty of using a cloud based PMS, such as the SkyTouch Hotel OS®. Whether it’s Valentine’s Day or any other holiday throughout the year, creating fun packages is not only easy, but will surely get people to be your hotel’s valentine.