The hotel industry may be in great financial shape, but that doesn’t mean hoteliers have the luxury of overspending at the property level. Eliminating wasteful costs is always important, and one way smart managers can potentially reduce operational expenses is by utilizing an updated, cost-efficient PMS.

It’s especially important in a world of fast rising employee wages and expensive PIPs, to continually find new ways to reduce costs. One way to help mitigate costs is by investing in a new cloud based property management system. In fact, many hotel operators are lowering operational costs in multiple ways with property hotel software. Here’s how.

Cloud based vs premise based

Antiquated, premise based property management systems often cannot compete with a modern, cloud based PMS when it comes to cash outlay.

Hotel technology such as a cloud based hotel property management system reduces the need for heavy upfront hardware expenses and ongoing maintenance expenses related to equipment that could fail, or become outdated.

Also, there’s no need to hire a potentially costly IT expert to maintain the system or to have that person on the clock for time consuming upgrades. New systems allow for off-premise based updating, eliminating system downtime at the property level. Plus, modern PMS systems can be operated remotely, giving back valuable time to owners who can make changes from anywhere in the world they have an internet connection. This allows owners to be out making deals, or promoting the hotel, rather than be stuck in a backroom making changes.


With a cloud based PMS, the housekeeping department functions more efficiently. Meaning it takes less employee hours to accomplish the day’s tasks. With a mobile ready PMS, housekeeping staff now always knows which rooms are occupied, which ones must be cleaned immediately and what rooms can be put back into service next.

Before, staff wasted precious on-the-clock time going back and forth trying to determine which room should be cleaned next. And once a room is ready for rental, the PMS immediately knows, eliminating the need for excess conversations between housekeeping and the front desk staff.

Employee Training

Another area where savings can be considerable is through the elimination of costs associated with training. Between August and November 2016, the Bureau of Labor Statistics said the hospitality industry on average saw a quit rate of about 4.3% per month.

SkyTouch Technology’s hotel property management system, for example, is intuitive to operate, even for new employees. That means training is less complicated, lowering training time to as little as two shifts to get a new employee oriented. After just a single shift, some current customers report that their newly hired front desk agents rely less on a general manager having to support their efforts.

Find out just how much you can potentially save on training by utilizing the SkyTouch Hotel OS® with this innovative new employee training cost calculator. There, you can calculate how much you’re spending on training and how much you can potentially lower new hire expenses with the click of a button. Find the calculator at

Hoteliers are discovering they can reduce expenses and potentially increase profits simply by switching to an easy to use and functionally robust cloud based property management system. By eliminating costly upgrades and product downtime, streamlining the housekeeping department’s efforts and reducing training costs, an investment in a new cloud based such as the SkyTouch Hotel OS® could help shave operational expenses.