Which hospitality industry events will be well attended in 2015? How will participation differ from region to region? According to the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA), the forecast looks positive. Findings show that solid economic growth will contribute to overall healthy participation in key meetings and events scheduled for the upcoming year. SkyTouch Technology, for example, is cementing its 2015 events calendar with plans in place to attend the Asian American Hotel Owners (AAHOA) Regional shows, the Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition (HITEC), and the Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals (HFTP) Annual Conference, among other major hotel industry events. As you map out your calendar to determine which shows to attend, keep the following projected trends in mind as you plan, budget and allocate resources.

The Asia Pacific region. Expect increases in event attendance, but not in costs associated with attending events held in this region. Centralized, end-to-end meetings management is a growing trend that is expected to build here and also within global organizations that have a presence in the Asia Pacific region.

Europe, Middle East & Africa. Expect lower costs to attend events in these regions as suppliers work to attract business and build demand. Shorter booking lead times for meetings (2-3 weeks out) are anticipated and event attendance may fluctuate based on company earnings. The standard nine month booking window will remain in place for larger industry events.

Latin America. High inflation and elevated demand will drive the highest expected per-attendee cost for events taking place in this region. Online registration and more sophisticated meeting management practices will also continue to build in Latin American countries.

North America. Corporate confidence in steadily improving economic conditions will drive increases in per-attendee spending and group size in 2015. There will also be a growing focus on combining monitoring & evaluation (M&E) and consolidating suppliers for greater negotiating leverage when it comes to event participation and attendance.

The forecast seems clear for hospitality meetings and events in 2015. Big shows will be booked well in advance with strong attendance expected from region to region. Smaller shows will see shorter booking times, but attendance should be solid. Compliance will be a shared priority across regions and technology will impact the way meetings are promoted, booked, and managed. Hoteliers — whether you’re planning to have a presence for your brand at large shows like AAHOA, HITEC, and HFTP, or simply bracing yourselves for guests who will be attending them — overall the landscape looks positive!