Get To know The Bleisure Traveler & Win Their Business!

Meet one of the newest categories of hotel guests – the "bleisure" traveler. Already well-known throughout Asia and Latin America, the bleisure traveler is becoming more prevalent in North America. Get to know their traits and learn what your hotel can do to target and attract the business of this "hybrid" customer segment. Who is [...]

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Be A Trailblazer When It Comes To Driving Guest Loyalty

A Deloitte study of hotel loyalty shook up the industry by revealing that only 8 percent of respondents were completely loyal to the same hotel brand. Gasp! Are hotel loyalty programs still worth the cost to hoteliers? Or are there better ways to woo and retain customers? The Deloitte study appears to suggest that a [...]

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Hotels, Find Out More About Savvy Millennial Travelers

Hoteliers take note! Millennials – also known as the "NOW" Generation -- will account for nearly half of the workforce by 2020. And they are truly a force to be reckoned with “NOW.” Hoteliers who can understand and address their unique needs and purchasing habits will have a clear competitive advantage in reaching this savvy [...]

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