In today’s world, over 89% of consumers want to be able to connect with businesses through messaging. It comes as no surprise then, that hotel guests want to communicate to their hotel through messaging as well. Whether it’s for arrival questions, the Wi-Fi password, or any other matter, Guest Messaging Platforms, like Whistle, are designed to give hotels the ability to engage with their guests through messaging in real-time.

Aside from general messaging capabilities, platforms are beginning to evolve and encompass more operational components for hotels, too. Some new trends in the space include automation, Artificial Intelligence, team collaboration, task management, and much more. In our opinion, it’s important for a Guest Messaging Platform to become a digital assistant for the front desk.

What are some of Whistle’s Latest Features?

Artificial Intelligence – With lots of buzz around “AI” in hospitality recently, Whistle has been mindful to create a worthwhile Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning model. With our homegrown model, we now have a 90%+ confidence rating on categorizing every guest interaction. As a result, we are able to provide robust analytics and insight to our hotels, all of which report that they have not had this type of real-time operational advantage before. Now, hotels can immediately receive notice of which departments are performing well, and which departments guests are reporting issues about – all while the guest is on-property.

Automation – Another great advantage to harnessing AI is automation. Hotels using Whistle can now automate responses to guests, and can also trigger custom actions, like dispatching a task. Full customized and automated workflows are making hotel operations more powerful, because they are using Whistle to complete every guest’s inquiry, whether question or request, from start to finish.

Service Recovery – Messaging can uncover some pleasantly surprising terrain for hotels, one being service recovery. All hotels are familiar with the pain of receiving a bad review or survey and how difficult it is to overcome guest issues when the guests have already gone. With Whistle hoteliers see an average increase of 24% more service recovery opportunities than before. As a manager, you can expect real-time notifications when a guest mentions an issue or when our system detects an unhappy guest on premise.

How can Hotels Benefit from a SkyTouch + Whistle Integration?

Whistle and other Guest Messaging Platforms wouldn’t be where they are today without great PMS partners, like SkyTouch. With a SkyTouch interface, Whistle can harness important reservation data to streamline hotel operations. Whether it’s pre-arrival, mid-stay, or room ready messaging, a SkyTouch interface allows hotels to automate the entire outreach process. We are able to remove all of the cumbersome, manual processes, and let hotels focus on what is most important – their guests.

What are some of the Benefits Hotels can Potentially See?

A great Guest Messaging Platform allows your hotel to send triggered messages, reply to guests, and manage requests. With a platform in place, hotels could see an increase in guest engagement rates, a boost in customer service scores, and to be able to identify key insights to hotel operations and guest preferences.

Based off of a few customer testimonials, hotels using Whistle, for example, have seen an average increase of 10-13% in their guest service scores. Hotels have also reported being able to engage with 3x the amount of guests than before and have seen an increase in productivity in their operations. Overall Whistle’s solution may help satisfy hotel guests, and improve hotel teams’ performance!

Written by Christopher Hovanessian, Co-founder, Whistle

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