Cobblestone trades old punch-card based rewards for an innovative new digital rewards system

PHOENIX, Ariz. — June 6, 2017 – SkyTouch Technology, a premier hotel property management system (PMS) provider, along with VOILÀ Hotel Rewards, the number one hotel rewards program for independent hotels, and Cobblestone Hotels have announced a collaboration to refresh and relaunch the “Cobblestone Rewards” loyalty program.

The new points-based loyalty program, powered by the VOILÀ Hotel Rewards platform and network, replaces Cobblestone Hotels’ previous ‘punch-card’ based guest rewards strategy, and allows hotel guests to earn points and redeem them for room nights, gift cards, charity donation, and miles through many major airlines.

The SkyTouch cloud-based PMS, used at the vast majority of Cobblestone properties, is seamlessly integrated with VOILÀ’s IT platform, thereby providing Cobblestone’s hotel staff with a fully-integrated guest loyalty solution.

“In recent years, hoteliers have been placing greater emphasis on providing access to a simple, attractive loyalty program to enhance their brands,” said Josie Kilgore, Cobblestone Hotels’ VP of brand services and procurement.” Kilgore continued, “Any advancement in technology or strategy has a cost attached to it, so we wanted to wait until we identified a great, scalable solution with a positive ROI. The fact that the VOILÀ platform could be integrated directly with SkyTouch’s PMS provided a clear path to a very elegant and easy to implement loyalty solution for our Cobblestone properties and loyal guests.”

The new Cobblestone Hotels Rewards program also provides three tiers of membership for guests:

  • Silver: Guests qualify instantly with zero room nights, and benefits include priority check-in and the ability to accrue 10 points per dollar spent for every night of their stay.
  • Gold: Members qualify after 10 nights per year and enjoy a 25-percent bonus on points, early and late check-ins, free room upgrades and complimentary access to the hotel fitness and wellness centers.
  • Platinum: Members qualify after 20 nights per year, and enjoy a 50-percent bonus on points as well as no blackout dates and complimentary access to hotel amenities.

“VOILÀ Hotel Rewards provides the world’s best boutique hotels and independent groups with a completely customizable and fully-branded reward program that allows them to increase value and build better customer relationships,” said Peter Gorla, managing director of VOILÀ Hotel Rewards. “Working with Cobblestone Hotels, we paid close attention to their unique goals and created the program that aligned with their brand goals and business objectives. Cobblestone Hotels Rewards was designed to appeal to their best guests and provide Cobblestone Hotels’ management team with a long-term loyalty program member engagement strategy.”

“The SkyTouch team is very pleased to be part of the Cobblestone solution. With the SkyTouch Hotel OS® at the core of hotel operations, this integration with Voila to electronically reward guests helps create a competitive advantage for Cobblestone,” said Todd Davis, CEO of SkyTouch Technology. “Our innovative approach sets SkyTouch apart, allowing each property full control over the guest recognition, stay and rewards.”

“Rewards are appealing, particularly to corporate travelers. They can use the points they earn for hotel stays toward flights or gift cards for friends or family,” Kilgore said. “Before launching the new Cobblestone Rewards program, we only offered a cash option or reward credit. This new reward program, powered by VOILÀ Hotel Rewards and SkyTouch PMS, is exactly what a lot of guests have been asking for, and it helps drive direct bookings. If we can sway only one booking away from a competitor, it makes a difference.”

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About SkyTouch Technology

Installed in more than 6,000 properties, SkyTouch Technology is the provider of the most widely used cloud-based property management system, designed to help hotel companies meet their most important strategic objectives: to enhance the guest experience, advance performance, and achieve growth while evolving with changing market needs. Accessible from anywhere, the SkyTouch PMS provides visibility and control of operations through real-time, impactful business analytics that help improve hotel guest experience, operational decision-making, and financial results for today’s hotelier.

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About VOILÀ Hotel Rewards

VOILÀ is the world’s number one loyalty program that unites hundreds of select independent hotels comprising several dozen independent global hotel brands. The program first launched in 2008 and has developed a reputation among travelers who like to stay in original, up-market independent properties for its compelling promotions, ease of use and simple, quick redemption process.

VOILÀ’s points-based frequency guest program provides recognition benefits and room redemption opportunities at participating network hotels. But unlike big chain programs, VOILÀ enables independent hotel groups to maintain their branding and unique qualities. To achieve this, VOILÀ provides hotel- or group-branded solutions for our partner hotels, with VOILÀ acting as the supporting network (similar to Star Alliance or OneWorld for frequent flyer programs). VOILÀ’s global presence allows members to earn and redeem points across a wide variety of hotels and redemption partners in the VOILÀ global network.

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