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Harnessing The New Hotel PMS Effect – The Power Of The Cloud To Bolster Operations & Profits

Savvy hoteliers want more from their PMS, and today’s cloud-based solutions answer the demand. The PMS has been ushered into modern times with superior cloud-based technology – a Proven Modern Solution that is effective, reliable, easy to navigate, and truly enhances hotel operations. A Proven Modern Solution that is ideally suited for independent hotels, small [...]

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How Mobile Technology Can Help Reduce Housekeeping Costs

By far, labor is the largest expense for a hotel operator. In fact, according to CBRE Hotels Americas, total labor costs and related expenses totals on average 42.8 percent of all hotel related expenses. So, it’s no surprise smart hoteliers are always looking for ways to cut costs. But for many, cutting back on guest [...]

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Top 3 ways to optimize your hotel operations costs

The hotel industry may be in great financial shape, but that doesn’t mean hoteliers have the luxury of overspending at the property level. Eliminating wasteful costs is always important, and one way smart managers can potentially reduce operational expenses is by utilizing an updated, cost-efficient PMS. It’s especially important in a world of fast rising [...]

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Running a Hotel Remotely With a Cloud-Based PMS

It used to be that a General Manager was tied to the front desk in order to solve issues or keep track or manage a hotel. With a cloud-based PMS, a GM can technically run the hotel from anywhere on a phone or tablet. A 100% we-based system allows two way communication at the hotel, [...]

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3 ways to help you make more money managing your hotel

When the numbers are added up, it looks like the entire hotel industry had an amazing 2016. But that’s a global total, not necessarily your hotel's reality. In fact, global profits and a local hotel’s situation can be light years apart, leaving certain hoteliers feeling they’re not making enough money managing their hotel. That’s because [...]

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The Top 4 Reasons Your Bed and Breakfast Needs Reservation Software

If you own a bed and breakfast, chances are that you love making a personal connection with those who stay in your establishment. Bed and Breakfast-style inns can offer what many big hotel chains can't: a sense of history and nostalgia with a special touch. But while many who choose to stay at B and [...]

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