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How Employee Turnover May Be Affecting your Profits and What to do About it

Employees are your most valuable asset and should be treated accordingly. Yet employee turnover is still a pervasive industry issue that’s costly and time-consuming. Did you know that according to a recent Bureau of Labor Statistics report, the turnover rate in the U.S. hospitality segment rose from 66.7% in 2014 to 72.1% in 2015? That’s an incredible challenge to overcome [...]

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4 Ways Technology Can Improve Relationships with your Customers

In today’s complex hospitality marketplace, making personal connections with guests is critical. Not only do customers have more choices than ever, they’re significantly more sophisticated than even 10 years ago and expect more. Much more. They’re also increasingly well-traveled and more frequently looking for personalized experiences.  Practically, that means hoteliers aren’t just competing against the [...]

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Hotel Leaders, “What’s Your MTP?” – A Question About Business Transformation and Technology

There may be no better way for hospitality firms to learn and gain inspiration for successfully transforming their businesses by leveraging technology than by looking at some of the “unicorns” that have successfully tapped into the hospitality sector. Read full article here. 

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