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Hotel Loyalty Programs Are No Longer Just For Big Brands

Guests no longer have to opt for "points" over "personality" due to growing trend of boutique hotels and independent hotels offering hotel loyalty programs. Tired of forfeiting guests to big brand loyalty programs, a growing number of independent and boutique hotels are going head-to-head with major chains by offering their own guest loyalty programs. The [...]

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SkyTouch Technology Expands Leadership Team With New VP of Sales and Marketing

Software industry veteran Fran Forte steps into new SkyTouch role to help increase customer engagement and further position the company as the leading provider of cloud-based hotel PMS solutions. Phoenix, Arizona (PRWEB) September 30, 2014 SkyTouch Technology, provider of the most widely used cloud-based property management system (PMS) platform for hotels, today announces the addition [...]

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How Smaller Hotels Can Achieve 5-Star Guest Services

Boutique and independent hotel guests are a different breed of customer, typically favoring exclusivity over consistency. They seek a unique, one-of-a-kind guest service and experience over the familiarity of a chain hotel stay. The good news is that because they are unrestricted by "big brand" standards, independent and boutique hotels are well-suited to deliver on [...]

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How to Instill a Hotel Customer Service Culture In All Hotels

In the competitive hospitality marketplace, hotel customer service is a clear differentiator. And every property should make exceptional hotel customer service their end-goal. Big properties benefit from internal customer service programs to help staff deliver consistently great hotel customer service. But what are smaller hotel brands to do? Following are guidelines that both boutique and [...]

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Six Straightforward Steps To Grow Online Hotel Bookings

Are you aware that your hotel's overall digital presence has a drastic impact on sales and online bookings? Properly promoting your hotel in a variety of ways – through website, Online Travel Agencies (OTAs), and social media -- will lead to greater visibility and increased online hotel bookings. Hoteliers can use the following tips to [...]

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Get To know The Bleisure Traveler & Win Their Business!

Meet one of the newest categories of hotel guests – the "bleisure" traveler. Already well-known throughout Asia and Latin America, the bleisure traveler is becoming more prevalent in North America. Get to know their traits and learn what your hotel can do to target and attract the business of this "hybrid" customer segment. Who is [...]

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Collaborating With HTNG To Help Hotels Go Above Property

Has your hotel property management system moved to the cloud yet? Hotels of all sizes are migrating "above property" to gain a myriad of benefits, including greater reliability, cost savings, mobility, and a reduction of IT support staff. Cloud hotel property management systems such as the SkyTouch Hotel OS® enable hoteliers to manage their properties [...]

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Managing & Meeting Hotel Business Traveler Expectations

Hoteliers, take note! Today's business travelers are a happy, albeit demanding, bunch. They embrace business travel with a positive mindset yet they (and their employers) expect a stress free, customized, and streamlined experience. The good news is that YOU can help them manage their business travel by answering specific needs in order to meet their [...]

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Your 2015 Hospitality Meetings & Events Forecast

Which hospitality industry events will be well attended in 2015? How will participation differ from region to region? According to the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA), the forecast looks positive. Findings show that solid economic growth will contribute to overall healthy participation in key meetings and events scheduled for the upcoming year. SkyTouch Technology, for [...]

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Hotel Guests And Managers Hold High Expectations For Mobile Managed Travel

With mobile bookings expected to more than double in the next two years, the hospitality market has high expectations for mobile managed travel. Hotel guests are taking full advantage of the latest apps to ease and enhance their travel experience while managers are using digital technologies to help control their travel programs and direct travelers [...]

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